Chapter 2: Identity


Sheryl dumped another cup of water on the woman’s head while examining her wounds as she sat silent in the tub . The woman had remained silent between the time Sheryl and her brothers found her to the time she was brought into the three bedroom apartment. Sheryl had insisted the woman be cleaned up and given a meal to eat, so there she sat, her head hung low to keep the soap from her eyes, while Sheryl washed her hair.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” Sheryl insisted, gently scrubbing the woman’s scalp.

The door suddenly flung open, sending in a draft of cool air that made both women shiver.

“Here’s a change of clothes and a couple of towels,” answered Shawn.

He was a thin man with thick, dark brown hair and a smoothly pointed chin. He was quite handsome as far as brothers are concerned, but his attitude said otherwise.

“Shawn,” Sheryl shrieked, pulling the shower curtain over the tub. “Don’t you have any manners?

“You said for me to bring em’,” he shrugged.

“You could at least knock first!”


Sheryl quickly got up and slammed the door behind her brother as he turned to leave.

“Never mind him,” Sheryl said with a huff, returning to the tub. “He’s always been like that.”

The woman nodded in reply.

“You don’t speak much do you,” Sheryl asked.

The woman remained silent.

“What’ your name?”

“Don’t have one,” the woman answered.

“No name? How can you not have a name?”

The woman shrugged.

“Well…,” Sheryl sighed.

She rinsed the soap from the woman’s hair and pulled it back to wring out the excess water.

Sheryl’s eyes widened. Despite the heavy bruising, She could still make out the woman’s petit features; her tiny nose, and smoothly rounded eyes—right down to her gently sloping cheeks.

“Gwen,” she exclaimed, but suddenly clamped her hand over her mouth to contain herself. In a much quieter tone she began to speak, stroking the woman’s bruised face. “Gwen…it’s really you…”

“Me,” the woman answered questionably. “Gwen?”

“Yes…that’s your name.”

Sheryl ran her fingers through Gwen’s hair again, reassuring herself she had not been dreaming.

“Gwen, we’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

“Me? What did I do? How do you know me,” Gwen asked twisting her sore face, trying to show her puzzlement.

Sheryl only smiled.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said hugging Gwen as she wrapped a towel around her. Then pulling away she added, “We can’t tell Shawn about this okay? He’d have a cow if he knew right now.”

The woman only nodded in reply.

Sheryl brought Gwen to her room; a towel on her head, and a bath robe tied about her waist over the pajamas she had been given. Gwen sat on the bed as Sheryl turned on the light. Tyler entered carrying the first aid kit and extra bandages.

Tyler was a bit shorter than his brother, with a more rounded face. Even his hair was lighter—almost blonde. The only thing Shawn and Tyler shared were their thin frames.

“Shut the door,” his sister instructed.

“Okay,” her brother answered looking confused.

Shutting it, he walked over to the bed side.“What is it sis?”

“Come take a look at her,” she gestured, “Tell me what you see…or rather who you see”

Tyler raised his brow in suspicion, but tilted the woman’s head back to get a better look. There was no mistak, even with the bruising—it was her.

“Gwen,” he asked a bit stunned. “What happened to you?”

The woman only pulled the robe tighter around herself.

Sheryl shook her head.

“She doesn’t remember.”

“W—we have to tell Shawn. He’d—”



“Don’t you remember how Shawn reacted the last time…?”

It was painful memory for both of them.

“The last time…,” Gwen interrupted trying to assemble their conversation, “What do you mean by that…?”

“The last time…,” Tyler said swallowing, “You and Shawn had a big fight…and we haven’t seen you since you left.”

“A fight…,”Gwen said leaning back on the bed wondering if that had been the source of her markings, but Sheryl assured her it wasn’t.

“Not a word leaves this room,” Sheryl said looking back at her brother.

“Yes ma’am,” he answered still speechless.

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