Chapter 19: Writer’s Block

Sheryl stared at the blank document open on her laptop; the cursor blinking ominously at her. 

It had been nearly a month since she last sat there—writing for her blog “One Last Thought“.

One last thought indeed…,” she muttered under her breath.

Yet her mind was far from one solitary thought. Instead it was a hotel so overstocked she wished she could return them like yesterday’s news.

Her friend had returned, and just as quickly disappeared with a stranger. Not to mention the search that was still on for her “body“. There was the unveiling and the inevitable auctioning of the remainder of the artist’s paintings—not to mention all the questions that came with it. Then Sheryl still had to deal with her brother and Bryan.

Neither were they happy with her.

Shawn for hiding the truth and Bryan…well he was Bryan—liar and all. She just wished she could prove it.

Still, Sheryl had to tread cautiously.

Then there wasn’t a place the brunette could go with out some reporter stalking her. She and her brothers had resorted to night time travel for most of their needs. Her blog on the other hand—thanks to the search—had surged with new followers waiting for her next word on the issue.

Until now, however, the blog had remained silent.

It wasn’t the media, or her new found readers that Sheryl feared. It wasn’t so much as her brother either. She had written things before he didn’t like and he just had to stuff it. His bad temper always clouded his better judgement, she thought.

Rather, it was Bryan.

Sheryl had seen all that he had done to Gwen—granted she hadn’t seen her friend, if at all, start anything with the man—but she had seen the abuse he left behind. She had stayed up many nights listening to the artist bawl her eyes out over a man she loved but didn’t seem to be very loving.

The bruises. The aches. The occasional black eye.

Not to mention the excuses that usually followed.

Sheryl swallowed.

He could do the same to her.

Gwen was no longer in the picture; surely he would pick a new victim. Yet how could she prove it?

The brunette took in another deep breath and glared at the steadily blinking cursor.

“Here goes…!”

 Copyright The Faithbook 2012


~ by The FaithBook on August 2, 2012.

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